How much does ChatGPT 4 cost in the UK?


ChatGPT 4 Pricing Overview

If you’re a young professional or marketer, knowing the costs of ChatGPT 4 is key. Let’s break it down into two main plans: Standard and Enterprise.

Standard Plan Pricing

The Standard Plan, also called the “Plus” plan, gives you access to OpenAI’s top-tier language model, GPT-4. In the UK, this subscription costs $20 a month. It’s perfect for individuals who need steady and reliable AI support.

Plan Price (per month) Access
Plus $20 GPT-4

With the Plus plan, you get faster responses and priority during busy times. This is great for professionals who can’t afford to wait. For more details, check out how do I access ChatGPT UK?.

Enterprise Plan Pricing

For businesses and larger teams, the Enterprise Plan is the way to go. Costs here depend on token usage, with prices calculated per 1,000 tokens. One thousand tokens are about 750 words ( This plan includes API access, making it easy to integrate with your current systems.

Plan Price (per 1,000 tokens) Features
Enterprise Varies API Access, Custom Integrations

The Enterprise Plan also offers GPT-4 Turbo, the most powerful version of ChatGPT. It has a 128K context window and costs less per token than GPT-4. This is ideal for businesses needing heavy-duty language processing. For more on GPT models, visit what does GPT stand for?.

Keep in mind, ChatGPT doesn’t offer discounts for startups or non-profits. If you want Plus or Enterprise features, you’ll pay full price. For more on whether ChatGPT is worth it, see is ChatGPT worth it?.

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Factors Affecting ChatGPT 4 Cost

When you’re thinking about the cost of ChatGPT 4 in the UK, there are a few things to keep in mind. From how they price tokens to the different features and how it stacks up against other big language models (LLMs), knowing these details can help young pros and marketers make smart choices.

Token-based Pricing

ChatGPT 4’s pricing is all about tokens. Tokens are chunks of words used to process and spit out text. For ChatGPT Enterprise (API) models, you pay per 1,000 tokens, which is about 750 words ( This setup lets you pay based on how much you use it, not a flat fee.

Plan Cost per 1,000 Tokens Words Equivalent
ChatGPT Enterprise Varies 750

Want more details on pricing plans? Check out our article on how much is ChatGPT per month?.

Feature Variances

Different versions of ChatGPT 4 come with different features, which also change the cost. For example, GPT-4 Turbo is ChatGPT’s top dog, with a 128K context window. Even though it’s super advanced, the per-token price for GPT-4 Turbo is cheaper than GPT-4. So, you get more bang for your buck.

Model Context Window Per-token Price
GPT-4 Standard Higher
GPT-4 Turbo 128K Lower

Knowing these differences can help you pick the right model for what you need. For more on what ChatGPT can do, check out how does ChatGPT actually work?.

Comparison with Other LLMs

When you’re looking at the cost of ChatGPT 4, it helps to see how it compares to other big language models. ChatGPT’s GPT-4 pricing is usually cheaper than GPT-4 Turbo, and its training data stops at September 2021 ( Plus, ChatGPT doesn’t give discounts to startups or non-profits, which shows its high demand and running costs, hitting around $700,000 a day.

Model Training Data Cut-off Discount Availability Operational Costs
GPT-4 Sep 2021 No High
GPT-4 Turbo Ongoing No Moderate

Comparing these points can give you a better idea of how ChatGPT 4 measures up against the competition. For more on ChatGPT’s cost and features, visit is ChatGPT worth it?.

By getting a handle on token-based pricing, feature differences, and how it compares to other LLMs, young pros and marketers can better figure out the costs tied to ChatGPT 4 in the UK. For more tips and info, check out our articles on can I try ChatGPT without signing up? and how to get ChatGPT for free?.

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