What free AI app is everyone using?

what free ai app is everyone using?

Popular AI Writing Apps

AI is changing the game for writers and content creators. From sparking ideas to boosting productivity, free AI apps are becoming must-haves. Let’s check out two popular AI apps that are making waves: ChatGPT and Lensa.

ChatGPT and its Features

ChatGPT is a big hit among AI writing tools. As of July 2023, it ranks #1 in Productivity and #6 in Free Apps on the App Store (Source). Here’s what makes it awesome:

Key Features of ChatGPT:

  1. Text Generation: ChatGPT can whip up coherent and relevant text based on your prompts. Perfect for brainstorming or beating writer’s block.
  2. Editing and Proofreading: It reviews and edits text, offering grammar and style tips to make your writing shine.
  3. Translation: ChatGPT supports multiple languages, making it a handy tool for multilingual content creators.
  4. Conversational AI: It can simulate human-like conversations, great for drafting dialogue in stories or scripts.

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Lensa for AI Photo Creation on Instagram

Lensa isn’t just for writing; it’s a hit for creating stunning AI-generated photos, especially on Instagram (Source). If you want to add a visual punch to your content, Lensa has got you covered.

Key Features of Lensa:

  1. AI Photo Editing: Lensa uses AI to make your photos pop. It adjusts lighting, removes blemishes, and adds cool effects.
  2. Filters and Effects: The app offers a bunch of filters and effects to turn ordinary photos into eye-catching visuals.
  3. Face Retouching: Perfect for profile pics, Lensa lets you retouch facial features.
  4. Background Replacement: Easily change the background of your photos for a professional touch.

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Using these AI apps, writers and content creators can up their game, making the creative process smoother and more fun.

Free AI Writing Tools

For those looking to boost productivity, free AI writing tools are a game-changer. Here, we look at two popular options: Google’s Recorder app and Otter.ai.

Google’s Recorder App for Transcription

Google’s Recorder app is a free transcription service for Pixel smartphone users. It lets you record calls and get them transcribed in real-time. Handy for writers needing to transcribe interviews, meetings, or brainstorming sessions.

The app not only transcribes audio but also lets you search for specific words and phrases within the transcription. This makes it easy to find important parts of the conversation quickly. Plus, it supports offline transcription, so you can use it without an internet connection.

Feature Description
Availability Pixel smartphones
Transcription Real-time, offline support
Search Function Locate words/phrases within transcription
Cost Free

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Otter.ai for AI-Powered Transcription Services

Otter.ai offers powerful transcription services for various recordings, including Zoom and Google video conferences, and phone calls (Source). It automatically transcribes recordings, identifies speakers, and generates an outline with timestamps for easy navigation.

Otter.ai is great for those needing detailed transcriptions that can be easily edited and shared. The ability to tag speakers and add notes makes it a valuable tool for collaborative projects.

Feature Description
Supported Recordings Zoom, Google Meet, phone calls
Speaker Identification Automatic tagging
Timestamps Easy navigation
Cost Free (with premium options)

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These free AI writing tools can significantly boost your productivity and streamline your writing process. Whether you need real-time transcription or detailed, editable transcripts, Google’s Recorder app and Otter.ai have you covered. For more info on the best AI writing tools, visit our articles on what is the best AI writer free? and what is the best AI website for writing?.

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